Carpet Cleaning Chester

Bright And Clean Budget-Friendly Carpet Cleaning in Chester

The carpets in your property were most likely a sizeable investment, so spare a thought for the life expectancy of this downtrodden part of your home. They undergo daily abuse from regular foot traffic, as well as pets and children coming straight in from the garden. Regular vacuuming will keep on top of the majority of dirt and dust, but some of will get deep into the fibres and require a professional clean.

Bright And Clean’s Team provide a carpet cleaning service in Chester that will take good care of your carpets and rugs. While removing the stains and grime of everyday use, we will be careful not to damage the delicate fibres. Our expert care and consideration will freshen up the colours, and banish unsightly stains. We’re available to take regular bookings, or offer our assistance in an emergency, for swift and effective removal of unexpected stains.

Diligent and Attentive Carpet Cleaners in Chester

Book a visit from our Chester carpet cleaners at a time that’s most convenient for you and your normal schedule. We’ve got a range of different booking slots, which means you aren’t restricted to normal office hours. Call our customer service team on contact form and we’ll quickly get back in touch. We offer:

  • A FREE quote can be requested at any time – you’re always free to decide whether or not to go ahead with your booking
  • Our professional cleaners use impressive equipment and supplies provided by Prochem – an industry leader
  • We can quickly and effectively deal with last minute stains – we offer a same-day and emergency service, alongside regular bookings
  • We use eco-friendly products, because the health and safety of our customers is important
  • Deodorising and stain treatments, initial inspections and protection pads for the furniture are included
  • Combine your bookings and enjoy extra savings – we also offer oven cleaning and domestic cleaning, and a number of other useful services

Chester Carpet Cleaning Services That Use Effective Methods

For all wool and synthetic carpets we use hot water extraction to get them clean. Using the very best equipment, this simple but highly effective method can deliver the best possible results. Hot water is injected under high pressure, deep into the fibres of your carpet – this process takes a certain amount of skill and experience. All our technicians are trained to the highest level, to ensure that we’re effective in all that we do.

When we deliver Carpet Cleaning Services the first and most important step is to inspect the area to be cleaned. Ensuring that we can choose the right products, depending on the level of cleaning required. After an initial vacuum, to remove all loose particles, heavily soiled, and high traffic areas will be pretreated. When the hot water is injected it will simultaneously be vacuumed to remove all the ingrained dirt. Normal drying time is around 3 hours, but this can be reduced by opening windows, or requesting our air mover system, which makes drying three times faster.

We’ve been in business now for some years, and have gained quite a reputation in the area. Why not take advantage of all that we offer? We’ll make your life much simpler, and far more stress-free.