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Window Cleaning ManchesterChoose a simple way to get clean, smear-free windows. Book us for your window cleaning in Manchester and say goodbye to clambering up ladders balancing buckets of water. Choose an easy way to get clean, smear-free windows. It’s not just a case of handing the job over to someone else, you’ll be handing it over to someone who’ll get better results than you can. Use us for your home or for your commercial or rental properties.

How do we do it? Well, partly it’s practice, when you do something everyday, you just get better at it. Our other secret is that we use only eco-friendly products and water. We don’t just use any old water though, we use purified water and that makes all the difference.

Book Window Cleaners in Manchester

No soap. It leaves smears on the glass and it’s perfectly possible to lift dirt and grease without it. Quite apart from getting cleaner windows you’ll find a few more advantages to booking us. Our Manchester window cleaners use this water we already mentioned, it just loves to suck up the dirt!

  • Arrange your service for any day of the week: That includes weekends when that’s what suits you and there’s no extra charge for that.
  • Book your service 24/7: We’re available at the phone line or through the chat any time. Just leave your details by filling in the online form and we will get in touch.
  • Combine your window cleaning with other services: You will get a special discount, consider carpet cleaning or even gardening services or whatever service you choose from our list.
  • Use us for all your windows: Double, single, bay, skylight or sash or any other window type.
  • Get a free, no-obligation quote: Know exactly what your cleaning will cost before you book.

How Your Window Cleaning Services in Manchester Are Delivered

Window Cleaning ManchesterBright and Clean Manchester cleaners will bring everything they needed for your window cleaning services. When you have PVC frames or sills those will be cleaned along with the glass. So you get a truly smart and professional finish. If you feel strongly about it we’ll use these too, but we’d suggest you try out our purified water only method first. They’ll clean just the outside when that’s all you want, or at your request they’ll do the insides too. Apart from our own water, ladders, squeegee and other equipment needed, we’ll also bring conventional glass cleaners. With our expert help your windows will stay clean for a long period of time.

Providing Safe Window Cleaning in Manchester

We provide a period of initial training before sending them out on any window cleaning work. For your safety, all of our window cleaners are verified and vetted, before being accepted into our team. Our training program includes all of the techniques for efficient window cleaning and the high-standards of customer care.
Your service is delivered under full insurance and we also have a quality system for monitoring to make sure that you get the quality of work and attention to detail you deserve. Expect your cleaners to arrive on schedule and to behave in a respectful, friendly and professional manner throughout the time they are with you.